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Sureserve Group


On 12th July 2023, Cap10 completed the acquisition of 100% of Sureserve Group PLC (LSE:SUR), the compliance and energy services group. The transaction values the equity of the Company at £214m and is a rare instance of a first time Fund completing a Public-to-Private as a first transaction.


Sureserve, is the leading energy and compliance services provider to the social housing sector in the United Kingdom. It specialises in the provision of inspection, compliance, maintenance, and installation services in the areas of heating, insulation, and renewable energy. Sureserve is set to play a key role in reducing fuel poverty and achieving UK’s Net Zero targets, supporting the energy transition journey of social housing landlords and public sector bodies.


Sureserve has made two acquisitions since it was acquired by Cap10 in July 2023, acquiring 100% of Swale Heating in November 2023 and 100% of Duality Group in April 2024.


Headquartered in the UK, Sureserve Group employs over 3600 people in the UK.


For more information, please visit Sureserve Group.

Compass Community


Compass Community is one of the UK’s leading providers of therapeutic fostering, residential and special needs education for children with high acuity and complex needs.


Compass plays a pivotal role in providing care and education for vulnerable children and young people. With its integrated approach to children’s services, Compass ensures that each child receives tailored support to meet their unique needs.


Compass perfectly fits into Cap10’s ethos of making positive contributions to the wider ecosystem through its investments. Cap10’s investment in May 2024 provides Compass with continued support to further it’s ambition to enhance the exceptional standard of service delivery and  care it provides in the community. Headquartered in the UK, Compass Community employs over 1300 people in the UK


For more information, please visit Compass Community.



UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT)


UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT) is the largest dedicated provider of addiction treatment services in the UK, providing comprehensive residential care for alcoholism, drug addiction and behavioural addictions.


UKAT is headquartered in Hertfordshire and has eight treatment centres across England.